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umm. . .my boring life?

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You know your life is dull when you get a deep sense of satisfaction from getting a child to the orthodontist early in the morning and she's still on time for school.

The funny thing is, life doesn't FEEL very boring. In fact, it feels hectic and chaotic and full of tedious tasks like sitting in the waiting room at every doctor's office in the valley!

We just had our son screened for ADD. While visiting with the doctor, he was climbing around and under the table, humming, bouncing his foot. . . I think she just sent home the forms becasue it's customary, not because it's necessary for her to make the Dx.

Got Dave off to XGDX with a cool new toy, the RoboSapien. I didn't get to play with it, but it looked like a lot of fun. So, if you're at XGDX, go have a look and tell me what you think.

Since Dave's gone, I have to sleep while the kids are sleeping.
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Dave has the Robosapien?!? Nice! Those things are wicked cool, and makes me wish I had the cash to splurge on one.

Well... actually I do... but I've decided to splurge on other stuff. So I guess I can't complain huh?

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What this time?
And yes, I can take you somtime next month. But you have to be responsible and make your own appt.

In the meantime, heat packs, rest, and ibuprofen.

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