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Shark Tales Rules!

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Friday, October 8th

Ahhh... another wholesome day.

I coached and did two shows today. Nothing spectacular. We still have like 50-75 people per show, in a stadium that can seat like 1300. It's really pathetic. I'm so disheartened to doing a show for that few people, but I find that once I get out there, I focus so much on the show I forget how many people are in the audience and still try to do my best. I guess it's a personal thing. I won't let myself not put out 100%, regardless of the situation. Anyways hopefully they'll move that damn queue line for the hayride away from the front of the stadium. It looks like the show is closed down, which is prob why we get so few people, when on Labor Day (the last day of regular season before Fright Fest began) we were still packing them in by the hundreds.

Friday being movie night, we caught a late showing of Shark Tales at the local Leowe's. It wasn't the best animated movie I've seen (Finding Nemo was better IMO) but it was still worth the price of admission, and had me laughing good quite a few times.

On the way to the theater I was a bad ass on my bike, taking Rt-195 at 90mph, the Parkway at 100mph, and Rt-36 at 80mph (speed limits 65mph, 65mph and 50mph, respectively). I passed a State Trooper sitting off to the side of the road on the Parkway while doing 100mph and thought I was dead meat (especially since fines are doubled in a 65mph zone in NJ). He didn't even flinch. I guess he figured he would have never caught me anyways [smile]

So yea. I got home and went online to find that my connection still sux0red. Crap! I finally decided it had to be my router. A while ago it would keep dropping my connection for apparently no reason at random times. I tried switching channels, thinking it was getting bad interference, but that didn't work either. Finally when I went downstairs to check on it, I realized it was plugged into the wall and kept coming loose and losing power for a second or so. So I plugged it into a power strip and it's been fine since. So I guess maybe cause it's been running so long it developed a quirk or something. So I rebooted it and now it's fine. Go figure.

Still haven't had a chance to play with VC++ Express other than open a file and stare at it. Whee. I wanted to do more tonight but some of the cast decided to play paintball tomorrow, so I have to go to bed... like now.

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Because we know you got shot up... again [lol]

and if I had free time (and/or cash) I'd come watch your show...

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If you can get a bunch of buds together I can ask my boss to get you guys comp passes. You'll get full access to the park for free. The only obligation, of course, is that you have to come see the show. Or else. And let's hope we don't have to go there, shall we? [smile]

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