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Stately Progress

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I'm happy to report that the re-factoring of the AI code is complete, and was a success!

Not only did I fix the main issues that I wanted to address, namely enemies and friendly NPCs occasionally getting stuck and/or lost, but the changes also fixed the Patrol state.

Patrol is where the designer has specified a # of triggers to walk to in some sort of order. A Patrol path can be linear or a cycle, and can have random elements as well. There was one level in particular when a group of Aakash lizard-men were supposed to follow the player, and they would usually get stuck or be so slow that the player only encountered the first couple of NPCs - now it works as expected, and that level is now much more exciting.

The basic shooting/hiding mechanism for combat works better too - the NPCs just move a lot more fluidly.
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So are you still actively developing Ancient Galaxy, or is this just for educational value? Are you planning some updates to the game later on or perhaps a service pack or something like that? It seems like you are making pretty big architecture changes for a game that is already available for purchase... What is the deal with the current version of the game?

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These changes will be part of the 1.2 patch, which should be the final patch for the retail game. If we get enough interest, we may do an expansion pack or a sequel, in addition to releasing the level editor.

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