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Plans II

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So this is the plan I have at the moment. I have a series of GameStates: Introduction, TitleScreen, HighScoreScreen, LevelStart, LevelPlay, LevelEnd and GameOver.

In the Introduction GameState a series of screens show up one after another (this will give a story, if any).

Pressing enter at any time will go to TitleScreen.

Private: array of Frames (see below) (ie [frame1][frame2]...[frame n]) and 3 x Surface Pointers (currentFrame, nextFrame, screen).

Logic() will see if the delay time (in the Frame class) has expired and then change currentFrame and nextFrame

Render() will just draw the currentFrame

class Frame:
The Frame class will have a surface pointer to the image and a delay time that will indicate how long the frame should be shown.

The TitleScreen will work the same as in Breakout. There will be three options (Play, High Score, Quit).

Private: 3 x Surface Pointers (screen, background, arrow), int choice (0=Play, 1=High Score, 2=Quit) (start at 0) and int nextChoice (starts at 0 too)

Input: Up - go up a choice (nextChoice = choice - 1), Down - go down a choice (nextChoice = choice + 1), Enter - Select choice

Logic() will check to see if nextChoice is a valid number (yes: choice = nextChoice, no: nextChoice = choice)

Render() will draw the background and draw the arrow at choice

class Score
This will contatin a char[3] for the player's intials and an unsigned int for their score

class HighScores
(I think) there will be one global instance of this.

Private: vector of 5 Scores.

The functions required for this class will be to load scores from file (put this in the constructor?), write scores to file, print scores, add a score (sort here maybe?), sort scores, check a score is high enough

Private: 2 x Surface pointers (screen, background).

Calls to HighScores will be: print scores

Input: Enter - Return to title screen

Private: 2 x Surface pointers (screen, background)

Print player's own score

Calls to HighScores: check a score is high enough - if yes: ask for initials, receive initials, add score

Input: Enter - Return to title screen

Render: Draw Background(scrolling), Draw Player, Draw 'LEVEL #'

Logic: Delay then go to LevelPlay

Render: Draw 'LEVEL # COMPLETE', show how many of each enemy destroyed, total up the score, show, current hit %

Input: Left/Right - move player left/right, Space - fire weapon

Logic: Move enemies, collision detection, move background

Render: Draw score, lives, player, enemies, background

class Ship (Player and Enemy inherit from this)
Private: image, health, Bullet, rate of fire

Functions: Move(destX, destY) will move the Ship to a destination point, FireWeapon(), Draw()

class Bullet
Private: image, strength

Functions: Draw(), Move()

Collision Detection
This will take a Bullet and a Ship class and see if they have collided or will collide.

class Player
Extra stuff added to Ship: hit%, score, enemies destroyed

class Enemy
Extra stuff added to Ship: Movement Pattern, EnemyState

MovementPatterns will just be a list of (x, y) coords to follow for different paths (eg, straight line, loop etc)

EnemyState - Entering/Leaving, firing, stationary (small movement around a central point), charging (follow player)

class Boss
Extra stuff added to Enemy: Weak Points (essentially Enemies for collision detection purposes I think)

Possible Powerups: increase rate of fire, invincibilty, shield

As you can see this is a very broad plan and there are only musings on how it will work in detail. At the moment I'm not sure whether to jump in headfirst and sort out these details or sort them out now. Come to think of it, I did the former last time and it didn't help me. So I'll try and sort out some of the details over the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading this long post.
Any comments/suggestions on anything in the plan would be appreciated.
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