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Didn't have much time to get anything done tonight, but I did get the entity system started. Well, I had actually already started it; for some stupid reason I made AnimationController and then was going to have AnimatedEntity have a pointer to that...but that's just dumb. So, I'm moved AnimationController to the entity system and renamed it to AnimatedEntity.

Before I go any further though, I need to do a little management on the core. At the moment I have a core class that handles the initialization stuff, rendering and batching, etc, but it'd be much better off as a mono-state; otherwise everything that needs to be rendered will either need a function in the kernel (and it'd need to be identifiable by whatever is holding it/me so that I could call the right function) or they'd all have to be passed the core class (neither of which are good options in my opinion.) I'll get that done tomorrow, get the entity system finished up, and hopefully at least be able to get the tile map started.
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