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Hmmm, what to do

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I can't currently decide where to focus my attentions.

I have about 4 things I'd like to do;

1) Add a load of new features to GameMonkey Script's existing implementation (see previous post)
2) Finish my C# implementation of GameMonkey Script (the main work is to write the compiler)
3) Start looking and playing with LLVM to implement a GameMonkey (or Lua-like) language on it - this will be mainly a toy project
4) Keep working on my XNA game

All 4 have their interesting points; all 4 have their tedious points. The downside of #1 is that I'd have to rip out a load of internals from GM to make some of the features work (closures/multiple returns) which makes it almost compelling to start on my own blend of the language (eg #3). Doing #3 really requires #2 to be polished off so I can get my head around hand crafting a parser/compiler. #4 is completely unrelated and has stalled due to thinking about #1, #2 and #3.

Hmmm, what to do, what to do.
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