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Round 2

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iHero version 2.0 has finally reached a point where it can be re-issued with its new face. I left the old one out there figuring I might as well keep making money even if the product wasn't exactly what I wanted. My rationale was that anyone that bought it would get the free upgrade to the much better playing system and would hopefully give a more enthusiastic review/rating.

I know I still have a few things to clean up from an advancement curve perspective and I'm really hoping some of my players provide some input on this. The goal is to do weekly/bi-weekly updates of the game that introduce new locations, powers, and items to keep everyone playing. I also have some new game mechanics to introduce in the future but I'll bring those in slowly so I can have time to do lots of regression testing.

So what's next?
Other than my iHero updates I'm planning on going back to re-work Cascade as well. I created Cascade, put it in production, and then never touched/played it again. Not really a sign of a good game. But then one of my friends got a hold of it and started playing...and bragging about their high score. My competitive nature then promptly forced me to drop what I was doing to beat it. And then beat it again when they topped it.

Which has started the endless cycle of playing the game and actually enjoying it again as long as I have competition. This also brought me back to a design element that I didn't have the time/resources to implement previously: the game server. Just a simple servlet to handle the top scores will go a long way to keeping others playing this game as well. Not to mention the original concept/game mechanics I left out to make a quick buck (sometimes when your only income is generated from revenue sales you have to sacrifice your vision, for a time at least).

And on a personal note, I only have about 5 days left in my current city which always has that dual fear/excitement feeling of impending adventure/doom. Probably because I'm not much of a planner. Packing everything in my car and driving towards the northwest U.S. to see what happens. And no, I don't have a job or place to live lined up. Just hitting the road again because nothing exciting can happen to you when you stay in one place too long. For someone that used to have so much 'stuff' I have to admit that I really enjoy my freedom of mobility.

And of course, some eye candy. Well, at least I hope it tastes good. The first is the new splash screen for the game and then second is a progression of how the edit hero screen has evolved.

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