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Update for the sake of it

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Not really updated here for a while (for me).

Still beavering away on Squishy as and when I have time and energy. I now have a system in place for handling music separately to the sound effects and the controls in the Sound menu now work.

The music can be triggered from the script as well (just playing by name and stopping the current track at the moment) and you can now specify a procedure in the script that is run when the level starts, so you can trigger the level's music from there. This keeps things more flexible than just giving the level a "music" property and allows for music to change in response to any game events.

I've also just finished the save settings system. When the game runs, it looks in the path returned by SHGetFolderPath with CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA for Aardvajk\Squishy\squishy.xcs. If it exists, it loads it, otherwise it builds an XCS tree in code based on the default desktop resolution if available in the required format, 1024x768 if not or the highest available resolution if both of those fail.

If multisampling is available, it sets it to x1 as this gives reasonable results without too much impact on performance.

When the game terminates, it writes the config file out again. My installer creates an uninstaller that, as well as removing the game, also politely clears out all this data from the local appdata folder.

Dull, dull, dull but necessary and all moves us further towards being able to release a demo.

I also worked out how to include the DirectX 9.0c redistributable in the installer and have it run as part of the process (I'm using NSIS) but it makes my setup.exe go from 8meg to 30meg. Yikes! Still, nice to know I can get this to work for when everything is finished. I won't be releasing many demos anyway and any on here I will just release as-is and link to the web-download for 9.0c. Unfortunately 9.0c still does not seem to be standard on recently bought laptops that friends own.

Next job I want to think about is some way of linking the entities and logic gates together in the editor without having to manually type IDs into fields in the property editor as it is a pain. Having numerous levels is one third imagination, one third belief in the project and one third having a user-friendly level editor in my view.

Quite a long post considering how little I've achieved. [smile]
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