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Soldier On

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Not a lot done this past week. Went home for a couple of days so got absolutely nothing done then. For the rest of the time I've just been letting the design stew in my head.

At the moment, my idea for the story is that a prisoner on a space station/jail type thing steals a ship and escapes. This gave me the idea for two enemies: a standard police ship (slow, not very powerful) and a military fighter (fast, more powerful).

I'm also working out how I will implement movement patterns for the enemies. At the moment I'm thinking that each shape (eg line, loop etc.) will just be a series of important points (e.g. for the line there will be two: start and end) and then the ship just heads in a straight line to the next point it needs to go to.

I hope to start on the actual code by Wednesday so that I can get a good start on it over my weekend. Hopefully before then I will post a complete(ish) design document.

Thanks for reading
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The best way I've found in setting up a game is to design it all on paper, once I'm satisfied with what I have I start working on each unit and item, ect... in great detail. Once the paper work is all completed and I have a list of all the graphic resources I need I get drawing them all and finish it all first. Once that is done I get down to programming the game itself. After this has been completed I can get a better feel for the mood and feel of the game to better compose the soundtrack.

I'm pretty much sticking to this way of doing things for my projects. It has the thought in mind that you're doing it all on your own though. Normally team projects start once the design doc is done and they all work at the same time.

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