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Been totally distracted from Squishy recently by the discovery of the wonderful Scintilla so I've been busy writing my own version of Notepad.

I know there are some other excellent free Notepad replacements out there, but they all do a bit more than I wanted so the menus all feel a bit cluttered. I've written what is basically an identical Notepad clone except that you can set the tab-widths and toggle autoindent on and off, which is all I want for now.

Scintilla is absurdly easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to put any kind of text editing into a Win32 project.


Speaking of fantastic free stuff, I've finally got round to using ResEdit. It rocks my socks.

For those of us using VS Express, it is actually quite simple to integrate ResEdit. I just created a new ResEdit project and saved it in the source directory of the VS project (this creates the #defines file and the .rc file) then added them to my Resource Files folder in VS Solution Explorer.

I then right-clicked the .rc file, added the ResEdit exe to the list of actions and set it as default. I can now just double-click a .rc file in my VS Solution Explorer to open it in ResEdit, change it, save and close.

The above options dialog would have been a massive pain to implement as a text file. Was a breeze with ResEdit.

I've also finally discovered DialogBoxParam(). I knew there had to be a way of communicating with dialogs without resorting to global data.


Last day of the job tomorrow. I'm so excited I'm like a kid before Christmas and I can't sleep. I'm enjoying being on the cusp of this change so much that I don't want it to happen - the anticipation is probably better than the actual event.

Very little dev going to happen for a week or so - out for a meal with my girlfriend tomorrow night to celebrate my escape, then off to a music festival on Thursday until the following Monday.

Rest of the week off after that though, so will hopefully get some progress on Squishy underway.
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