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I'm not dead!

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Evil Steve


Long time no update...

Mainly because I don't really have anything much to say. I've been busy at work, submission for Planet 51 is soon. I'm waiting on this build burning, so I can't really do anything while it burns, which is my excuse for posting just now [smile]

I'm a Microsoft DirectX/XNA MVP for another year, I got a shiney crystal statue / trophy thing which I'll take a picture of at some point. Speaking of which, I will be doing more stuff to my tutorials, as soon as I stop working silly hours at work - it saps your enthusiasm a bit...

I've recently managed to get some Jolt from American Soda. The blue raspberry one is awesome. It's like red bull, but is 2 or 3 times the size and tastes of blue Mr. Freeze ice poles.

I never realised that Windows 7 won't ship with a browser in the EU - I never thought that'd actually happen. That's just fucking retarded - all it does is makes the product more difficult for the end user.
What does Apple do? I assume Apple PCs have a browser pre-installed on them?

Grumble grumble, fucking EU...
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Ah but Steve it'll ship without one so you just need to install one of the many available ones by downloading them ... from... oh wait ;)

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Just ordered my copy £89.97 from Amazon yesterday for the Pro edition or £219.99 on release day, no-brainer really.

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My guess is that there will be boxes of free promotional IE install DVDs in every shop where you can buy windows 7.

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I thought they had to ship one version without IE, kinda like the Reduced Media Edition, no? If not I guess there'll probably be some kind of download shortcut on the desktop on OEM installations. At least until the EU then forces them to put up download shortcuts to every piece of alternative software ever made [headshake]

And yeah, I have been wondering why Apple seemingly can get away with it too. Even moreso with iTunes which, as I'm being told, is the only way to get music onto an iPod?

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looks like MS have backed down + will ship the OS with a choice for the consumer of various browsers.

WRT apple OS vs microsoft, one is a monopoly the other isnt, they have gone after apple WRT ipods I believe though

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