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AI & Camera Tweaks

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Made some more AI tweaks. The AI NPCs now will investigate a suspicious sound, and track the average location of various dangerous sounds they hear over time. This is known as the 'seeking' state.

This makes them gang up on the player, sometimes way too much, so I added a quota so that only so many guys can be seeking the player at one time - right now this is set to 4. Now, other NPCs can be attacking the player at once, but only 4 can be seeking him out.

Also, the enemies are more apt to detect the player's disguise when in Seeking state.

In addition, I added a little bit more camera physics. There was one case where the camera wasn't acting like a physical sphere, and it rarely caused the camera to move outside of the level.

The camera now acts like a ~1.5 meter radius sphere that tries to stay at an ideal user-tweakable player-relative position. It moves around physically, except if the player is completely hidden from view, in which case it 'cuts' right behind the player, then resumes it's physical sphere status. This is cut behavior very rare, but prevents much worse cases of the camera sphere getting stuck somewhere on the level and the player's character just wandering off.

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