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Weekly... uhm... no, nevermind

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Yea so my little trip up to NYC on Sat to drive off the starting line for the Bullrun rally kind of turned into a 3-day adventure that had me tagging along for the first 2 days of the trip from NYC to Austin, TX. We went to Monticello Motor Club after leaving NYC and took 3 laps around the track. Then it was a long drive across PA to Pittsburgh. Day two saw me and my co-driver getting lost along with the Maserati Gran Turismo team looking for the first checkpoint, then driving some craaazy mountain roads through West Virginia and
">racing a Shelby Mustang to the final checkpoint of the day in Staunton, VA - where we made the local online paper. Of course there were mad parties every night, and then the trip home saw us pacing a Lambo Gallardo Superlegerra and a 700+ WHP Corvette.

So I'm quite a bit behind on everything at the moment and am too scatterbrained to condense my thoughts into a proper Weekly Sitrep update. However I wouldn't have traded the experience for anything - it was a blast and I thank the Bullrun peeps for letting us tag along on a $20k rally while only paying for our gas and hotel. Awesome. I'm planning on doing the full rally next year.

If you're into this kind of stuff, keep an eye on my personal blog for more on my rallying adventures, including more video soon.

A proper Sitrep next week!
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