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The Graphical Approach

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For those of you who found my last post lacking in pictures; here is a graphical view of the schema I described. Best when used with the text :)

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Heya EDI, good to see you updating again! The Selenite Editor looks neat, I'll be watching for more! [smile]

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Hey. I wasn't much of a journal land explorer back in 2005 but what I've seen of Morning's Wrath I like.

Selenite looks promising. I like that it's natively specialized to a limited set of game styles. So often do you see people with ambition to make a very general engine and I'm a bit allergic to the 'wow, you will be able to make any kind of game with my engine' attitude. I'd venture to say that too much generalization is the most common pitfall for young engine makers.

Then again you seem to have some experience in the field so I'll be listening closely and hopefully pick up a thing or two.

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Hi guys, yeah it's good to be back :)


yes, over-generalization is the downfall of game engines, generally speaking.

it tends to come from a developer/designers unwillingness to settle (what if i wanted to make an RPG, and later an FPS) in addition to them thinking their one engine will be the end-all, the last engine they ever make.

More than likely it will be an engine they never finish; and even if they do finish any engine, it is doubtful more than one game will come of it.

As you mentioned I do have some good wisdom and I am passionate about spreading it. With any luck my journal will help some folks get a better picture of what a game engine is and should really do; as well as how to make a game for serious distribution.

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