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Week 1

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I felt pretty happy - quite joyful actually... but little did I know.

I wanted to seek an existing team develop for. Even though I am currently a full time application developer during the summer, I really enjoy game development (As that shall be my future career). To me, programming is the most natural thing in the world. Languages are like ice cream. Some are really unhealthy for you, but you just cannot help yourself!

Before, I was researching interesting graphical techniques for fun while I was at Uni. Now, I wanted to take a break and develop a game with an engine. I've programmed with many graphical and game engines over the years in various languages. Sadly, due to the unique structural design of the game, I could only choose Ogre3D since it had a unique feature that would have taken me weeks to implement myself.

The team found me. It was, so to speak, a single person. He designs for a large AAA game company. Apparently, he really loved designing, and wanted to see a design of his completed in entirety.

A power freak like me, he wanted to be the head macho man for once. With no design constraints of the industry, he wanted to set himself free. But freedom comes with a price...

Stay Tune For Next Week!
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