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So I finally decided it was time to learn about "particle effects". Something I was always afraid of looking at because it looked so complicated when really in a nutshell it's just a way to generate a random object that has some physics applied to it. Okay, so that makes it SOUND easy.

Not being one to re-invent the wheel, I went out and found Cocos2D. Too complicated for a first crack. So I found this:

click me

Much better, code, and it comes with a really long video tutorial to help explain what each part is doing. My only problem was that it didn't work the way I thought it might so I gave up in frustration, turned off my computer, and went to bed. When I came back the next day and ran it, it worked. Must have been the XCode Gnomes.

I'll throw a video up of the particle effects used in Cascade once I finish it, but does anybody happen to know how I make a layer's background transparent in OpenGL? Right now when I add it the background is black and covers everything else on the screen. I'm really afraid that someone is going to tell me I can't mix OpenGL and the iPhone's UIKit stuff.

City of Heroes
I don't normally play MMOs because I barely have enough time for the life that I already have. But this was 'market research'. Yes, market research that ate up half a day of programming and when I finally started getting into it, crashes. Seems like my computer locks up after about an hour or two of playing the damn thing. And then I found out about the subscription model. I always thought this one was just the game that you payed for. Silly me.

The character creation system is great. Which I knew it would be from everything that I've heard. And I wanted to build something like that into iHero, but that's a huge learning curve and some more resources before that happens.

One thing I always try to keep in mind when designing my own games is that NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO MAKE FRIENDS ONLINE. This would be a great game. If it ran. And I didn't have to go online to play. And I didn't have some idiot constantly broadcasting to join his "super-dicilous most rad hero group". I'm not even playing a hero. I always go for the villain and now I'm not even allowed to punk other villains that annoy me (yes, I know, as I newbie I would be the one having my @$$ handed to me, but still).

Domain of Heroes
Over it. Got thru about all of the quests and now I can make really cool stuff after using up my 3 wishes. But why? I've already done everything. Granted, it's free so I'm not complaining but it definitely reminds me that I need to build something in for replay value.

Something else
I forgot what else was going here. Look for the EDIT tag if I remember.
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