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Week 3: Present

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This week's tip for conquering programming depression: Conan O'Brien on Hulu if you live in the US or Canada. Nothing makes you more happy than THE GREATEST HOST OF ALL TIME.

After recompiling the engine from source in order to obtain a specific feature, I was disappointed to find out that such a plug-in already existed without the need to recompile. So much for using Google :/

A concept artist has joined the team.

Although we have been testing the client rigorously, testing has temporarily stopped. I have been applying a somewhat large graphical overhaul so the game would look more appealing.

The biggest problem is that if we decided to recruit programmers in the future, I have already incorporated many changes to certain plugins that it would be very difficult for many programmers to be able to successfully compile the project on their machine... and lets not even talk about cross-platform compatibility! (CMake is a programmer's best friend).

Starting next week, I will incorporate entries from the designer, who is much more interesting and eloquent in art of writing. ONLY THEN, will this journal live up to it's title.
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unless you're from Canada and Hulu doesn't support your location

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IS_Canadian(Orymus3) = True
IS_Compatible(Hulu) = True

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