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Anno Domini

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By Jars, The Designer:

Truth or Reality?
One may delve in either not knowing the difference, not understanding his own vantage point upon the subject he studies.

While the Design Doc has been well underway, the critical question had yet to be answered. Defining the scope of our creation to be real rather than true to the era will displease all of the fantasy games' fans, but in a way, this is what distinguishes this game from the many mmorpgs out there... That, and the fact it is neither massively multiplayer and well, its not an rpg.

Don't get me wrong, the player plays a role, a strong one, that he/she will have to craft through several gameplay elements, but it is just not the kind of role the players have come to expect from a much too narrow RPG appelation nowadays refering mostly to stat-boosting related to leveling up...

So how was it to be part of a world where one had to believe in things he/she would never see? Live by God's rules, in fear of satan's minions without any proof of their existence?
Wouldn't it be much easier to integrate demons in the lot?
Quite possibly.
Would that kill the atmosphere we are attempting to generate?
Quite possibly.

So how does truth differ from reality?
Reality is the state of things, the objective and factual elements. What the untainted eye can see. Truth is the subjective eye, so to speak. If everyone in a society believes a thing to be true, it is. But it never becomes a fact, therefore it is never real.

To the middle ages folks, God was true (the whole question of whether He is real is all up to debates). Satan was true. Demons were as true as their neighbors or the priest that attended the closest church. The things they feared and/or loved were part of a certain type of imaginary that is called the truth. Choosing to base this game on truth would've meant we would have to take account of their imagination and recreate actual demons, spirits, etc.

Acception to see the reality of the middle ages is altogether more complex. We have to emulate guidance for motives. Fears and loves, when based off unreal elements, are much harder to take into account. How does one, indeed, convinces all players that they must act accordingly as though the demons were real while they aren't?

This is what I will need to figure out, now that we have chosen Reality over Truth.
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