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function pointer struct through a DLL

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yeah, I need to learn how to do that :P

Heard that's how they do it in the Quake engines. And I understand why. I've just written my second proxy class for accessing functions in a DLL. Redudant work. Should be able to do some template magic by using Loki. But somehow I decided not to use any external libraries for ThumbView.

That's pretty dumb. I should learn to use libraries like Boost and Loki. Especially Boost::Lambda.

Well I might be rewriting ShellExtension using the new ATL later. And then I might start switching working code with learning code using 3rd party libraries.

No wait, that's even dumber.
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I did that in one of my engine experiments once, turned out pretty successful.

typedef bool (*pfnEngineFunction)(int pTest);

struct sEngineExports
pfnEngineFunction superFunc;

bool MySuperFunction( int pTest ) { /// OMG!!! return true; }

// In game init
sEngineExports export;
export.superFunc = &MySuperFunc;

// Do dll loading here

// Pass struct to interface
dll->InitEnginePlugin( &export );

///////// In dll
void InitEnginePlugin( sEngineExports *engine )
// Call engine MySuperFunction via function pointer

Or something like that anyhow...

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thanx evolutional =D

I'm gonna check that out someday, since my hardcoded stuff seems to work. And muer's C++ library has a DLLProxy template thingie that looks kinda interesting.

To another time!

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