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Just snippets from a couple of posts from my blog, Unrefined Awesome:

from Why you shouldn't use Dev-C++
I still see a lot of people using the out-of-date and unmaintained Bloodshed Dev-C++ IDE (Integrated Development Environment), and I'd like to briefly explain why this is a bad idea as well as pointing any interested readers toward a couple of good alternatives.

Read the full post at Unrefined Awesome.

from Why you shouldn't use Visual C++ 6
In the same vein as my earlier post on Why You Shouldn't Use Dev-C++ I'd like to outline a few reasons you shouldn't still be using Visual C++ 6.0. These arguments may not apply if you're working with a computer that is both particularly underpowered and running a very old (pre-'98) version of Windows, but in the overwhelming majority of cases VC++6 is a terrible choice of development environment.

Read the full post at Unrefined Awesome.
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