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At the surface level, moar pictures. Also, um, I think you should stop pressing enter after every sentence or so, it hurts my eyes having that much space between lines.

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I would like to see some examples of what you have been able to accomplish with the engine. As you mentioned in your initial Selenite post, it really matters what the end result is, so what have you put together to ensure that there is sufficient technical capability in the engine?

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More pictures, I likes more pictures.

As far as showing what it can do; that is on the way, as I'll be detailing my creation of Morning's Wrath 2 with it; this will likely be what keeps most people interested.

In terms of knowing if the engine is technologically capable enough; I've only done basic demos with the engine to prototype MW2.

However, I know that it is technically capable due to past experience, having built two previous engines, and games for them I know what is needed for Adventure/RPG type games, this is a huge advantage and its why I'm sharing the knowledge here.
Many people, when starting an engine or game won't know what kind of features or game properties should exist, some of the diagrams I've made are nearly a road map for such things.

So while "trust me it's capable" is a bit of a cop-out... trust me, it's capable :)

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Other than agreeing that a few more pictures and disagrams would be good I'm enjoying reading the posts thus far, so more of the same is just fine as far as I'm concerned. Just thought I'd chime in to say I've been reading, even though I've not had any specific comments on the entries thus far.

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