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OSDev Series: Chapter 20

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OSDev Series Chaoter 20

I cannot believe it... I am at chapter 20 of the OS development series going on to chapter 21. It all started with a forum post here on GDNet and is continuing on thanks to the great support that it gets. I thank all of the supporters of the series [grin]

Chapter 20 covers almost everything about floppy drive programming including:

  • FDD history
  • Disk layout
  • CHS, LBA
  • FDD Structure
  • FDC Hardware
  • FDC Registers and Commands
  • FDC Interfacing
  • FDC Programming

    The demo adds a read command to the TUI demo developed in the last chapter that allows you to read any sector on disk using the floppy driver developed in the chapter.

    OSDev Series: Chapter 20
    OS Dev Series Base Site

    If anyone has any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas, please feel free to let me know [grin]
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