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So I'm back

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So I'm back from the festival and a good time was had. We met some very nice Scottish people who camped next to us and gave us free run of their gazeebo and red wine.

They did, however, persuade me to join their cross-dressing expedition to Guilty Pleasures. All the guys were wearing dresses and the girl dressed up as a bloke so I ended up in a wedding dress. Look away now if you are of a nervous disposition:

Goddamn Oxfam opening shops at festivals where I have been drinking. Still, I have to say it was a surprisingly comfy fit.


Finished messing about with Scintilla now. My own little version of Notepad is finished.

I wrote a plugin system for it that finally led to me learning how to use CreatePipe() and CreateProcess() to redirect stdin and stdout to memory in the parent process. It's pretty cool to be able to send text data to another process and read it back.

So my editor has a Tools menu that allows you to add entries to the menu that then run the associated program which can do anything it wants to transform the text. If you have text selected when you click, it just sends and replaces that otherwise it sends the whole file. Works pretty well.

ResEdit continues to rise in my opinion. The system it has for automatically lining up controls as you move them around the window is absolutely rock solid for a free application and the writers should be seriously commended. I'm now basically sticking with Win32 until I die, contrary to all common sense and decency, because I love it.


Done a little bit on Squishy - I've dropped in some placeholder sounds for when Squishy dies and I'm currently working on a sound for the buzzsaws that rises and falls in volume as the saws start and stop.

I've signed up to freesound.org and I believe the creative common license is okay for my projects as long as I modify the sounds a bit and don't distribute in the original format. Legal eagles please advise if I am missing something.

Hopefully be able to move back off sound onto gameplay soon, but I feel it was worthwhile putting this amount of time (several weeks in real time but probably only 15-20 hours of actual programming time) into the sound system. The positional sound system and the material-to-material look-up table are a great success - well, they will be once I have some decent samples.


That's enough from this geek-going-on-tranny for now, good night.
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