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Last wednesday I orderd the Komplete sound pack from Native Instruments. While previously fiddling around I'd tried a couple of demos and was impressed however at over a grand for the whole lot a tad out of my price range.

While looking about last tuesday I discovered that they had the whole thing for EUR399 so after half sleeping on it I decided 'ah, what the hell..' and ordered a copy.

However as those on IRC know from my moanings it hasn't turned up yet [sad] Hopefully tomorrow [smile]

On saturday however I decided to take a little trip into london and grab the Kore2 hardware. It's a pretty awesome device, lets me fiddle with sounds/instruments in the accomping Kore2 software which is handy. The thing which blew my mind however was the fact the controls are touch sensative; if you touch one of the knobs then the display switches to it to show you the values which is cool (this is also reflected in the software). The intensity of the values for the knobs is also shown via a red glow which increases as the value increase; also cool.

Today, while playing around with Kore2 and FL Studio I discovered the utter joy and awesomeness of VST automation when combined with Kore2.

A Kore2 sound can be made up of one or more sound sources, each of these sound sources exposes various things you can tweak and these values are also exposed over the VST interface.

The practical upshot of this being you can have two sounds mixed together in one instrument but you can vary the parameters of only one of them via automation to morph the sound in various degrees over time.


Kore2 can use the various sound generators which are coming in my Komplete pack so once I get all those installed so that I can edit things... well, hopefully I can pull some stuff together.

My problem thus far as been I'll come up with a loop/riff and be all 'well, that's nice.. now what?' and get stuck. While fiddling about today however there was a minor break though in that while I was fiddling I could hear how other parts of the piece would come in/interact with it which is a nice step in the right direction.
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