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the games pretty sorted now basic gameplay wise
A/ first the humanoids along the bottom were your lives, they would mate + produce offspring thus more lives thus the key of the game was to protect your ppl
good idea, but to much to focus on in a fast paced action game

B/ next the roles were reversed you had to kill all the humanoids all the aliens are trying to prevent you doing this, a bit to easy though

C/ now the humanoids walk along turn the ground from red->green, the aim is to turn the whole planet to green, you can pick them up + drop them off elsewhere

Ill try to get a demo up ASAP, though I dont know how much free time Ill have in the next few days, my bros coming for a few days + then Im moving back down to the south island. btw I just heard on the radio parts of it have moved closer to australia by 30cm last week from the large (biggest one in the world this year) earthquakes
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