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I have succeeded Oluseyi as GDNet Lounge Moderator/Fascist, fulfilling the prophecy handed down by the Rhino to nes8bit two thousand years ago today.

As the new Lounge moderator, I will be enacting sweeping reforms, which I shall post about in the Lounge as time goes on. These reforms include:
  • Political Penance - If I catch you making a rhetorical argument in a politics thread, I will ban you until I have sufficient evidence that you have whipped/been whipped until you are sorry. GDNet-branded whips will be available soon at our Cafepress store.
  • Parody Threads - I love these little bastards. Posters of good parody threads will receive admiration and a chance to evade the...
  • Ban Lottery - Every week, I will ban a random Lounge lizard. Note that my random number generator is highly defective and accepts PayPal.
  • Car Threads - We should have more of these.
I feel that those of you who survive my initial Stalinist purges will become happy and productive members of the GDNet Lounge.

PS: Check it out, Afterglow has bullet holes in the walls now.
I think my decal code is a bit buggy (see how grouped the holes are?) so I will have to take another look at it down the road to make sure everything is peachy keen.
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No, no, this is a magical and momentous occasion. You must rejoice!

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I find your title of "dictionary administrator" very amusing right now. Might be unrelated though.

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Original post by rip-off
I find your title of "dictionary administrator" very amusing right now. Might be unrelated though.

Oh yea meant to change that :P

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Ah, I remember when I was the Lounge Mod. Them were happy days. :D. I remember your name coming up for the job back then... took you a while to actually get in on the action :P

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