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Sounds caught up

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Got caught up with the sound system now and I've provided sounds for all of the existing game objects. Buzzsaws now make an appropriate noise, buttons click and doors have open and close sound effects.

From now on, I'll implement sounds for items as I program them into the game.

Next thing I do need to look at thought (listen to?) is some sound effects for the menus. I've set up a system so that when the menu opens, any currently playing sound effects are paused, then unpaused when the menu closes, but I've implemented it in such a way that this will have no effect on any sounds that are not actually playing when the Pause() method is invoked, so any sounds triggered during the pause will just play normally and be unaffected if they are still playing during the Unpause() method.

This way the menu sounds can just be handled by the existing sound system as non-positional sounds.

All I'm really thinking is some kind aural feedback for when you actually click on something so I suppose I only need to find one sound effect really. This can be loaded into the sound manager's shared sounds that do not get erased when the mode changes, so will persist throughout the entire run of the game and my GUI manager can grab an audio handle to this sound when it is created then play it in response to the PerformCommand() and ChangeSelector() notifications that the controls give it.

I'm sure my readers (and my girlfriend) are relieved that this post contained no pictures of me in dresses.
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