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Sort-of Entry.

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Prinz Eugn


So today I wasn't able to do much because I had to clean up the house, as my parents and sister were coming home from a week-long trip to Seattle (I'm living with my parents for the summer). It was also my ridiculously good-looking Kenyan/Ethopian friend's birthday, so I took her to Baskin Robins... and McDonalds. Hey, she suggested it, so whatev. It's always kind of interesting going out into public with someone so obviously hot (of either sex), the way people act is always somewhat amusing, since it's obvious they act differently.

Anyway, I have a couple of pictures I didn't show last time I might as well give you in lieu of actual content:

Oldies But Goodies...

Here's some older art that should give you guys a better idea of the atmosphere for the game. {Click for bigger}

I call it "Cruiser Exploding"

Another old painting, "Fortress Assault"

A collection of super-huge ships for our ancient space TBS project. Same "universe" as the current game.

Space fighter design montage... any favorites? There's some sprites I have left to start.

Same thing, but with bigger ships

More stuff from the Army Ordnance Museum, which was, by the way, the coolest thing ever.

This is the barrel of an atomic cannon.

This is an atomic cannon.

>This is a video of an atomic cannon nuking the shit out of a desert. All I can say is, God Bless America. Even the glowing parts.


They finally made a life size Gundam...

God, I love those Japs...

I have a friend who actually went to Japan, he has pictures of him and his girlfriend next to it, but us mortals will just have to make due with this:Odiaba Gundam Gallery.

I want one.
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Just give them a couple years -- they'll probably have one that can walk and stuff. That will be awesome (and probably kind of intimidating in a "get out of my way or get stepped on" sort of way)

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