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So Tired...

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Saturday, October 9th

Whoo, what a day. Well, I didn't get to sleep as early as I wanted to, so I ended up only getting like 3 hours before I had to wake up and ride down to go paintballing. I had to cash my Six Flags paycheck first - that was my spendin' cash for the day. So I get down to Top Gun - unfortunately some guys on a bus ahead of me at a traffic light just before the paintball fields decided they were extremely jealous of me sitting on my bike behind them looking all freakin cool, so one of em mooned me. Wunderful.

Anyways *shudders*, two other cast members and I joined the walk on game for the day. There were a ton of people, prob near 50. It wasn't as fun as my first outing a week or so ago, when we only had like 17 people. It was harder to tell which team won after a game and neither team ever really won a game, since there were so many people. The 15 minute timer would always run out before everyone was killed. Well, except once, when our team pulled a great flanking maneuver and forced back the other team and killed em all. Yea!

Sorry Evo, Mushu - no bruises today. I think I had a little bit of a welt on my leg, but that's it. I got hit on the gun twice, the legs three times, the neck twice (can't beleive that didn't leave anything! Must have been the collar of my coveralls that saved me), the face once (right in the visor) and the head twice (I wear a hat tho). So it's not for lack of getting shot up. One of the cast members came back with like 4 welts on his chest. I want war wounds too!!! [crying]

At least today I got to play longer, since call time is now at 3 instead of 1 (we strolled in at 4 :P). I also got to talk to people who were more into the game, including a guy that used to work there and was toting around a $1300 gun. Good lordy. I have to admit though that I'm still hooked, tho if I were to ever buy a gun I prob wouldn't sink in more than $500, and only if I had friends willing to go out and play at least once a month. Doing tournaments would be cool too. *sigh* - like I need something else to waste my money on. I spent about $105 today. It was less than half my weekly GA paycheck tho. I could justify a monthly expenditure on paintballing.

So anyways after getting beat up in paintball I had to do three shows. At least we had decent audiences for them this time! I reawoke my heel and back injuries though, so that sucks. My heel injury stems from having a bad tendency to slam my left heel into the ground on my side shoulder rolls. It hurts. Then my back injury is just above my tail bone, and came from an abortive heel flip way back in the beginning of the season when Robin's hands slipped and I couldn't make the flip so I kicked out and landed on my back (better than my head at least). My back protector saved me but wearing a belt didn't. I dunno what I did today to aggravate it, but I can feel it again. So I'm a tad sore, and my quads'll prob be sore tomorrow from paintballing. Ah well. I was also so tired the first show I lost my balance like three times and fell on my ass twice. It was quite funny.

So yea. Three hours sleep, an hour-30min nap between shows, and that means I'm freakin tired. So I'm going to finish up the last Star Wars: New Jedi Order book and go to bed, Hopefully VC++ Express and I can finally aquaint ourselves tomorrow.
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