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OSDev Series: Chapter 20

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Thank you!

20 chapters has gone by in the OS development series. A little over a year sense it has started on this very site. I want to give a public thank you to everyone - it is the support that I get from readers and members of communities that helps keep the series going.

Thank you everyone!!

OSDev Series Chapter 20

Chapter 20 has been officially released. It covers:

  • FDC and FDD History
  • Disk Layout
  • CHS and LBA
  • FDD Structure
  • FDC and FDD Hardware
  • Interfacing with the FDC
  • FDC Registers and Commands
  • Programming the FDC

    It also now includes a demo that is built from the Textual User Interface (TUI) that we have built from the previous chapter. We build a floppy driver in this demo, and impliment a read command to allow us to read from any sector on disk.

    Check it out here.

    Please feel free to let me know if there is any comments or suggestions!

    OSDev Series Updates - Revision 3

    I have also added navigational icons to the chapters of the series to help making navigating the series easier for the readers. More updates for the series are also planned including bug fixes, additional content, and more as I impliment Revision 3 of the OS development series.
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