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Myriad Projects

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Okay, how about no one give me any more work for like two months, 'cause it's a bit silly now with all of this that I'm doing -- and with the moving to Vancouver for Septemeber. (Soon! Still doing logistics. Gah.) Thanks.

[And: I went and stuck Google analytics on my site. The statistics are fascinating, not to mention that there's a sort of voyeuristic thrill of looking back in a vague way at the people who are looking at my work.]

A bunch of project images here. I drive myself crazy with mode-switching.

Dungeons of Dredmor

I'm going to let the pictures do the talking. All graphics by me except for that one dialogue box around the artifact (need to revise that one), the ultima-style bag panel, and the character sprites.

Thanks N. for the shots. Compare these to the Dredmor shots in my last post to see how they've come along.

And a few of the most recent items I've added:

From left to right: War Scoop (Or is it War Spork? I forget), Pork Sword, Wizard's Sleeve
There is no point in explaining. It's going to be a strange game.

A few items on my Dredmor Todo list:
- Yogurt Maker dungeon object & UI panel
- Vegetable themed scenary
- "Robe and Wizard Hat" Achievement

So it goes.

Crystal Clear

This a game for the iPhone involving gems and stuff that's been released in the last couple weeks. All graphics by myself; go me. I should add that I was impressed by the level of polish Alex put into tweaking the various effects and animations; It looks really smooth in action.

So check it out if you like shiny things. Props to Alex.

Murder Motel

Yes, tiles! This is all outdoor stuff one finds around the eponymous motel; I'll be getting to the interior any day now.

I remember now: That parking lot badly needs some cars.

Hits make Tim happy, so check out Murder Motel if you're into murder.

Digital Painting

This sort of thing is bubbling out of me again. I'm probably just going to have to make a science fiction-type webcomic to give it a place to vent.

I don't know if this next one is recognizable, the glowing sign should be in lower case glowing blue text, but maybe someone who hangs around downtown Calgary at night will get it. This is for another comic (sorry, graphic novel) idea on the mind.

The thing with comics is, how the hell does one make it worth its time?
It's interesting: The potential business model is not so different than a free-to-play webgame, (except with far stronger, ah, narrative branding). I'll think up a discussion question for this.

I've also discovered that my favorite act of community interaction as a moderator is hitting the "delete post" button. It makes me feel like the world is just a little bit cleaner afterward.
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Recommended Comments

Pork sword? Wizard's Sleeve? I think this game has a stench of genius about it... :P

As for the XEN sign, I generally try to avoid downtown Calgary at night.

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Your graphics work looks really great!

rofl @ pork sword, and wizard sleeve

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Those painting shots are stunning. If I were you I'd go out of my way to find some way to make business out of them. I love the style and the colors. [smile]

"Robe and Wizard Hat" as in "I put on my robe and wizard hat"? [grin]

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Hey, thanks for the kind words guys.

I'm glad to see that the humor of the game will be appreciated by some weird corners of the internet. Locking three geeks in a room with a few pounds of coffee produces strange things, I daresay.

Ah, got someone from Calgary!
I used to live a block or so from the Nexen building at, what, 7th and 7th SW? Seeing the glowing blue sign at night, it always struck me how much it looked like the headquarters for some evil organization. Which perhaps it is, I don't know. Thus the background for the picture.

Robe and Wizard Hat: You got it, heh heh.

Yeah, I'd love to do some kind of webcomic thing, but as said, I need to find out how to make it pay at least part of the bills for it to be worthwhile. Or maybe I have to do it anyway because I want it. It'd probably just take a slow start to build up a fanbase while figuring out how to make money in the least annoying way possible.

Hah, and I presume that it'll be a good comic -- but no, of course it would, I'm that awesome ;)

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Heh, funny - I just was looking back at your old journal entries and it totally occurred to me that "XEN" was indeed "NEXEN". I haven't spent too much time in downtown at night. (I live in the southwest, but I do work downtown). Very nice.

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