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BOOM! Update Three

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The deadline for this submission is steadlily approaching and I only have few things left to do in order to be some what satisfied. Add an implementation of a really simplistic A.I. (pattern based of course) and to revisit my collision code because something odd is happening there.

All in all this little "contest" was just what I needed to get me back in the groove. After the deadline ( 8/8/09) I will resume working on my fighting game with a more renewed energy and focus. It's good sometimes just to complete something even if it is small potatoes.

Below are some screen shots from BOOM! I took in-game with an executable download linked for those who want to test it. If you do test it out, let me know if you run into any issues. Comments, suggestions, flames all welcomed :P

Environment Requirements

* A rig made in this decade
* Direct X 9 ( nov 08 ) update at least
* Visual Studio 2008 C++ redistributale if you get some weird error stating that the "side by side configuration is incorrect". You can download that package from here


BOOM! Binary

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The game is presented well and has nice graphics. I realize how much work goes into a game of any size, so I hope my critique is well-received. I have yet to finish a game, so this is not meant to sound condescending.

The check mark next to the "Play" menu item made me think that I could use the arrows to change the selection up/down. Also, I skipped the instructions the first play and didn't know it was a mouse-controlled game. I found I could use the arrows to move, but no button would fire. I recommend removing keyboard input for the gameplay if its not fully supported. Collision is a little off but didn't ruin the game.

The app took mouse focus, but gave me no cursor to move. It wouldn't give back mouse focus until I Alt+Tabbed. After that I moved the window, but the app would not take back any focus, mouse or keyboard. Without key or mouse focus, and no close button (or standard app menu when you right-click on the taskbar item) I had no choice but to Ctrl-Alt-Delete and foce the program to close.
A close button on the window would be nice.

I made it to the third level and halfway through, it declared the game to be over without any indication as to why. The enemies don't shoot back, so what killed me? I think my shields were still full.

Besides the usability flaws, its a nice Defender clone. Why is it 30MB? Because of the music?

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