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Plenty done this past few days [smile]. I have the enemies now charging the player and if they are alongside the player (but not touching) they leave out of the bottom of the screen and then re-enter a bit later.

I also have player and enemy health along with the player's health bar. This went surprisingly smoothly. [smile]

Finally, I have started on High Scores. At the moment I have a global HighScore object which contains a of Score. Score itself contains a string for the player's initials and an unsigned int for the player's score. The current high scores are loaded from a file in the HighScore constructor. And I also have to ability to sort the Scores (which will be needed when a new score is added) and also to see if one Score is higher than another.

So the only things needed for high scores are the ability to add a score, write scores back to the file and to render the scores on the screen. This last will need me to be able to draw an alphabet on the screen.

Other things I still need to do are the GameOver and LevelEnd gamestates, going through more than one level (and loading a level from file), different movement patterns for enemies, adding more enemies and a boss (also load from file). Also, I will need artwork for the Introduction, enemies and ship explosions (which I will also need to implement), background music and sound effects. Blimey, didn't realise I still had so much to do!

I will put up another demo for download when I have the GameOver and LevelEnd gamestates in so that people can test the mechanics are okay and not unfair for whatever reason.

Thanks for reading
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