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The Hardest Part

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After a couple of days of not doing anything (every time I thought about what I had to do next, I just couldn't be bothered), I managed overcome the procrastination and managed to do a little bit of work on the game.

I now have an AddScore function for the HighScore class which will also test to see if the score given is good enough to be added to the high score. Also, I can now write scores to the file and I have started on having the ability to print scores to the screen.

So far, for this I have a rough alphabet and numbers drawn up (these will need improving later on - as with all the images) and the clipping rectangles are generated when the font is loaded. The Font's Print() function takes a string and then switching through each character I can select the right clipping region to apply to the screen surface. So I can print the player's initials but I still need to find a way to print the scores (probably using stringstreams like in Breakout).

Next, I hope to finish of the HighScoreScreen and then I will start on the LevelEnd and GameOver gamestates. After which I will release a demo [smile].

Finally, I have decided that I will slowly improve the graphics doing it little and often. At the moment I am drawing the title screen again one letter at a time. Hopefully, this will mean by the time the game is finished then there will be some halfway acceptable graphics.

Thanks for reading
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