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www.zedzeek.com/APPS/D_UL.7z ~2mb

ok heres the games state from a week ago, I havent done any programming since then due to moving + having no gear

the aim of a level is to turn the whole planet from red to green (see the radar), drop a person cause they do the turning. collect 100 bonuspoints of a color + that weapon upgrades

tab - turn
q - change weapon
space - smartbomb
mouse - controls player
left mouse button - drop humanoid
right mouse button - shoot

* Ill have to improve the graphics, i.e. make it more unified style,
* also change the aliens intelligence routines +
* physically show that the terrain has 'changed'
* do better weapons (the upgrades are non existant)
* better fx
* any other things I should do?

@Mike Bossy - all my stuff uses my own engine, I dont know if this acounts for why all my stuff has a distinctive look (or is that due to me doing most of the art)
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I tried to download your game but my firewall popped up saying it was a virus (Worm.IRC.Keskek.A@22849). Don't know if there's something wrong with your website or whatever?

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Game ran perfectly fine other than one odd thing; after turning on terrain shadows and environment mapping, the game pulled way back. I could see more space than I think I was supposed to (everything was smaller, and the area around my ship and right around where my bullets ended was dark like it was the first time I ran, but I could see under the terrain and the rest of the screen was 'light.')

The only thing I noted gameplay wise was the smoke from the fire would stop my bullets (as if they were hitting the ground or something.)

Very nicely done, looks really good; I can't wait to play it once you get some more of the content it!

Oh, and maybe a little bit smoother transition when turning; I hit the turn button and lost track of my ship, which could be a real issue with a fast paced game like this.

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