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Thog push button, make post.

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Some busy updates to Afterglow, but nothing immediately visible, I fear.
  • The player can die and respawn; when you get killed it goes to a "mission failed" screen similar to the original game. Still working on this to make it pop more and be less awful.
  • The AI will stop shooting at you once you are dead,
  • Dinked around with my website. You can now do ravuya.com/games/glow instead of doing the long-form URL. HTTP rewrite is a lot easier and more intuitive than I thought it would be given my past experience with the Apache project. If I ever update my website I'll have to make better use of rewrites, because this is pretty slick.
What's on my plate this week? Besides enjoying a well-deserved long weekend on Monday, I will probably be trying to diversify the AI and see if I can create some enemies which are fun to fight.

While you're waiting for me to make more updates, check out this car I see every so often on my commute:
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That car is hilarious. Hideous, but at least the guy has a sense of humour, which is more than I can say for most Metro/Swift owners.

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This is actually FrankenFly II; it's a turbo Metro. The first one was a nonturbo Metro and didn't look nearly as good.

If I recall correctly the rear plate (which hangs off the foam tail on the rear) reads RAWRR or similar.

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The spikes on the front are just painted foam, which arose after the previous version received a very interesting ticket from a humorless member of the RCMP.

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Yeah, I could see the police around here being jerks about that sort of thing.

Turbo'ed eh? Even more win.

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