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Intel swag bag

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Woohoo. My Intel bag and goodies arrived today. FedEx tried to deliver it to my house yesterday so I had to ring up and arrange for them to deliver it to my work instead. Pretty good service really getting it next day.

I got the bag (obviously), a copy of the GDNet book "Beginning Game Programming" which is filled with some excellent stuff that I don't know enough about (networking with winsock, A*) and stuff I know a bit about but am really happy to have in a format I can read in the bath (SAT). Promit's article comparing Direct3D to OpenGL was also a very interesting read.

I also got three GDNet mini-frisbees and some GDNet stickers. All good. Most impressed with my GDNet dart men though - I can confirm that when you throw them at the wall, they do indeed stick.

Since I don't have a laptop, I'm going to use the bag as a briefcase for work. Fits A4 files perfectly.

Anyway, I'm off to throw dart men at my girlfriend. Night.
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