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Man, I'm at such a roadblock with Squishy at the moment it is just untrue. I love what I have so far, but I just can't get myself pushing forward on the next step so I thought I'd have a ramble here.

Something I really want to be able to build into this game is the sense of a story that develops over the course of a game. No matter how addictive or crap a game is, wanting to know what happens next in a story can keep people interested for a long time. I have a fairly solid background in written English and creative writing from my pre-programming days and I'm confident that I could do some interesting things.

I really love the way that Cave Story integrated the "cut scene" bits into the actual game world with the game taking over control while the dialog scenes played out but within the actual game environment so I would love to be able to implement something along those lines.

There is a lot of work involved in this though in terms of writing tools that would allow me to script events and there are so many issues with getting this working within the confines of a physics simulation like Box2D that it scares me.

However, it may still be the way forward. I'm wondering if game events could trigger some kind of cut-scene where the player loses control of Squishy, who just stops, and some kind of cut-scene-script system takes over, allowing other entities to move around and put up speech bubbles etc. God, the potential havoc with the physics system (objects being in the way of cut-scene actors etc) is a nightmare.

Braid pulled this off well in a more minimal way. Everything from the title right through to the warning that you had exceeded the demo version was done within the main game context which vastly reduces the work involved.

Just going through a dead patch at the moment and loads else on in my life what with the new job (which is still going fantastically well by the way and I'm turning out to be very, very good at it if I say so myself) and the awesome weather (me and Louise enjoying evening walks a lot at the moment because we are lucky enough to live by some amazingly nice beach) so hopefully this will pass at some point and I'll get by muse back.
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