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Can't... quite.... code....

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Coder's block
We've all been there... Sat at the desk in front of your code and you're prepped to code the next installment then... nothing. Zip, nada, zilch. That's me right now, sat here thinking of all the stuff I need to do for my project and none of it looks appealing enough to code. It's not exactly the fault of the technology, the only ugly stuff in there is a bit of a scene graph hack, but it's not exactly causing the world to implode.

OK Computer
I'm itching to get my new entity class to work, I started throwing it into Manta-X but then realised I'd have to strip out a good portion of code and rewrite it to use my message system so I thought I'd save it til later. Best to stop myself implementing technologies when they're not exactly needed, that's the trap I fell into last time and it caused my project to die... not again, nu uh, not if I can help it. So my computer doesn't hold much appeal to me at the moment. I can't code, I'm too lazy to organise the crap on my harddrive (and oh boy, does it need organising) and I can't find much of interest to do.

Computer Artism
Back in the day, I used to be quite the computer art enthusiast. I wasn't that good, but I had func doing it. I remember Amiga Format cover discs with Imagine 2.0 (and later 3.0 - or was that CU Amiga?) along with Cinema4D. I used to spend hours rendering images, drawing in Delux Paint and just generally fiddling with crappy art for my games. So I found a copy of Computer Arts magazine from Ocober last year with a copy of Cinema4D 6CE on the cover. Fully working, except the renders are limited to 600x400. I might give it a try... I've been playing around with paint programs today too. I always used to draw my own crappy sprites for my old Amiga games and still miss it. It was fun being able to draw up some sprites if I had coder's block so that's what I tried today. The only problem was that none of my game projects use sprites, it's all MS3D models these days. Bah. I drew some crappy pixel zombies instead.

For those who don't know, I'm a big fan of Zombies. Zombie films, Zombie comics, Zombie books, Zombie tattoos ([grin]), you name it - if it's related to Zombies I'm bound to like it. I don't know why I like them, they're slow, dumb and all-too-often lame. But there's something about Zombies (and skeletons) that I like. I've been drawing a comic about a Zombie 'hero', a guy who's alive, but a Zombie (don't ask) and has to fight his undead instincts to be human - except he's got super strength. I guess in some ways it's like Blade, but as a Zombie and in a Manga style (well my take on Japanese animation).

I'm rambling now... I think I'll go back to console my coder's block by drawing some more pixel zombies.
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Boy do I know the feeling, it passes though. Just draw up some more zombies, drink some pop and get back to coding :)

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Post some of those zombies you drew!

I would be if I weren't so embarrassed by the artwork [wink]

They're friggin tiny too.

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