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Teaser Entry

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Prinz Eugn


I accidentally started playing Halo 3 tonight (Gamertag Prinz Eugn), so I'm not able to finish the reasonably epic journal entry I had planned. It does not mean, however, that I ain't got the goods...


This is an "Atmospheric Capable Transport," which is basically an excuse allowing me to draw something that is vaguely aerodynamic (I'm having a hard time not drawing wings on everything at this point after so many airplanes). It is directly inspired by Zanzibar Class from Gundam, and much of my spaceship art is inspired by various Gundam designs. Well, the colors at least. I love me some green spaceships.

Other art notes... look at the shading, notice how the light is obviously coming from one side? Yeah, that was a pain in the ass. Normally I cheat (see the carrier below) and draw one half by hand and Copy + Paste + Flip that half to get the other side. The extra effort isn't worth it for these huge guys, I've decided, which is how the carrier ended up using the flipping technique.

We're not quite sure how it's going to behave in game, since it was kind of a side project for me, to help me get my pixel-skilz in place. It is ridiculously huge compared to the player, however, so that alone will make it interesting. Since it's a transport, it's conceivable that it could attack by popping out mines, or even dropping other spaceships. My original idea was to make animated gun turrets that pop out, since I have a thing for that... We also might make it somewhat destructible since it really doesn't make sense for it to all explode at once from a fighter 1/100 it's size, though I'll have to bounce that idea off Sir Sapo. "Destroying" sprites in Photoshop is fairly easy, too.


So... yeah, any critiques?
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