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Wow, a whole week without an entry. So you've probably guessed I haven't done much work on Escape From Space-Prison Lambda. And you'd be right[grin]! Apart from today I haven't done anything on it for the past week due to a mixture of procastination and going home for a few days.

But today, I feel I have accomplished quite a bit [smile]. I have the HighScore class working (ie writing scores to file, printing scores on screen etc) and so the High Score screen is also working.

I have also started on the GameOver and LevelEnd gamestates. The GameOver gamestate is pretty much done. It has Game Over written on the background and shows you your score and will take your initials. This isn't obvious however so I will need to have a flashing square or something to prompt the player. This then adds the score to the High Scores and sends you to the High Score screen.

I have just started on the LevelEnd gamestate. At the moment it just has a scrolling background and after the user presses enter or space it goes back to the LevelStart gamestate.

I need to work a bit on the continuity because when the level restarts the bullets are still left there and the player would carry on moving if you were moving when the level ended. This last one has been fixed though.

Finally, in my slowly improving graphics news. Here is the title screen I have so far (thank god ESCAPE and SPACE have the same letters in pretty much the same order [grin]) and the font (which may need a bit more work done).

Thanks for reading
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