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Character Definition File : First Pass

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I typed up the first pass of the character definition file. This will be used as the base for characters and then the scripting system will create instances from them.

This is the first pass, so there are a few things that are left out, but writing it helped me decided how to do a few things that I've been thinking about. Anyway, here it is:

"1.0" ?>

"Monster" ScriptFiles="Beelz.csf">

"Beelz.png" Speed="0.125" />
"Beelz.png" Speed="0.125" />
"Beelz_Attack.png" Speed="0.125" />
"Beelz_Attack.png" Speed="0.125" />
"Beelz_Casting.png" Speed="0.125" />

"Beelz.png" />

"Player;Party" Level="Exalted" />

"Red" />

As this is just the first pass (think version 0.0000000000000000001), everything is subject to major changes.

One of the things I'm stuck on is having a shader requirement. I haven't been keeping up much on things, but it seems like having a shader requirement of 2.0 (the lowest possible without using legacy if IIRC) isn't all that bad anymore.

Iunno, it's time for bed though. I can figure that out tomorrow. Questions, comments, etc are welcome as always.

Oh yea, I didn't even touch auto-tiles today. The tile system is setup to use them whenever I get around to adding them, so I can work on getting the entire system working and add auto-tiles at a later date.

[edit 2]
Wow, I just finished playing the demo for Trine on Steam and I must say, it's rather fucking awesome. I might be buying a new game Thursday.
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