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Game 2.0 Inspirations

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Mike Bossy


I'm glad people appreciate the snappy title of my current project. The reality is that Game 2.0 is really how I picture my work. It's taking the work that I did last time to a whole new level, minus any of the baggage from last time. Plus I'm horrible at coming up with names so better to stick with something generic than having to get stuck with a crappy name later :)

The game idea for Game 2.0 is still fairly fuzzy. As I said before I really want to approach this game in an iterative style and let the gameplay evolve through prototyping. With that said you still need to start somewhere to prototype from and I'm drawing my inspiration from three games.

Game #1 - Space Duel

Vector graphics in colour!!

Space Duel is a lesser known arcade game from the early 80s that was very similar to Asteroids. What made the game interesting was the way it approached multi-player gaming. It had both a competitive mode and a co-op mode. In the co-op mode the ships are actually tethered together making for an extremely interesting dynamic of "Who's driving the ship?" To be successful at the game in co-op mode really means working together as one.

Now asteroids style games really aren't that exciting to most so that plan is to utilize modern physics fun to spice up the game play. Imagine tractor beams to grab rocks and push them towards your enemy or gravity wells sucking you and a pile of rocks into it.

Game #2 - A.R.C.

killing @ 28.8 speed!

A multi-player PC classic ARC really was a game before it's time. Considering that people played this game on 28.8 modems you can understand that it had to be a really fun game to keep people coming back. The multi-player arena aspect of this game is what I find really compelling. Networking code is something I haven't done a whole lot of and is an area I'd like to learn new things. I plan to figure out the ever fun client/server gaming space for Game 2.0

Game #3 - Soldat

My eyes!!

Now Soldat actually isn't much of an influence as far as game play goes. The game is an absolute blast to play while it's also one of the simplest games ever to run on your PC. Yet despite ugly graphics from another planet there is a core user base of fanatics that keep this game alive. It's that kind of community feel that inspires me to create a game that is fun to play and easily tinkered with by players. That means standard things like creating a dedicated server version, making it easy to edit maps and gametypes, etc. I don't want to make another 3rd person shooter, I want to enable fun and creativity.

I have no doubt that Game 2.0 will probably end up far away from any of these games when it's completed but that's part of the fun of iterative design. Pick a starting idea and see where it goes. Maybe it'll turn into something fun, maybe it'll turn into a giant turd. Either way I'm excited to what the possibilities hold.

On a brief technical note I'm making half decent progress on getting collision detection into place so hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have some more screens or maybe a quick video to share.
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