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Lame Game #1: Hypertac

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Scroll down for pics and download link!

My first game, start to finish. Use WASD to move and either hold space to fire (slow) or you can tap M to fire fast. Once you run the game, give it a few seconds to load, sorry its so slow. Also forgive me for the large download size, the sound files are all mp3.

Tomorrow I will give details on my little adventure of making this game and some very good advice for other game developers working on their first game. I will also reveal my next project that is much more ambitious.

Tell me what you guys think! Flames welcome. :)

Download link: Hypertac


EDIT: Changed the bmp's to png's. Sorry steve :)
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Recommended Comments

I like it! It's simple and straightforward.

The only real comment that I have is that the explosion when an enemy dies doesn't fit the rest of the style of the game - little geometric bits flying away would probably match better (however, I understand that the little particle sprite was probably WAY easier to code than that)

Very cool! I especially like the music for level 2(assuming it's not random - I only played once). Is the music original? If not, where did it come from?

Good job!

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Dear Azh321,

Please use PNG rather than BMP files for the sake of my poor, struggling Internet connection.



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>>Tell me what you guys think! Flames welcome. :)

another flame here, png's to view this page burnt through ~0.05% of my monthly download cap (some of use suffer under these).

your first image 1200kb I checked with a png that same image is 2.2kb ~500x smaller!

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Sorry, I changed the images. I would have done it earlier after first reading steve's comment but gamedev wouldnt let me into the webspace manager.

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The music is open domain. I cant find the site I originally got it from, I looked a few days ago so that I could give credit to the maker but no luck.

Also, im glad you liked the game. Thanks, it means a lot! Did you manage to beat it or atleast get to the boss at the end of stage 3??

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Very fun game [smile]. It's just the right amount of frustrating I think. Not so hard you end up shouting at the screen and not so easy that its boring. Keep up the good work. [smile]

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