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Scrap everything I said in my last post, I've changed my mind.

Mittens mentioned an iPhone game on Twitter called Spider that got me thinking that I really don't want to waste hours on story-based cut scenes for Squishy - they just aren't necessary. All I need is a nice, simple mechanic for completing levels, like the above game's "Catch all the bugs then get to the portal" and lots of varying levels I have a complete, playable game.

I think that the way to complete a Squishy level must obviously be based around transporting objects around the screen with your arms, since this is the central mechanic to this game.

I'm wondering about the idea of having spherical crystals in the level that have to be dropped into some kind of collector in order to open the exit. I was thinking about having different coloured crystals that have to be touched together to make them vanish, but then I'm getting a bit too close to Bennu, which already has a similar mechanic to mine.

I quite like the idea of having some kind of creature trapped inside each crystal, and a system whereby the crystals have to be dropped into different things depending on their colour to burst them and free the creature. For example, red crystals that have to be transported to a fire source, blue crystals that have to be submerged into water (somehow bringing that water shader back in) etc.

Still just rambling as I've been a bit too busy with work stuff and reading/sleeping to do any programming, but hopefully now I've simplified my ambitions for Squishy, I can start to make some progress again.
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Sounds good to me! In my (very humble) personal opinion, it seemed to me like Squishy isn't really suited to an in-depth storyline plus cutscenes. One game I'm reminded of - and I'm sure there are better metaphors, but what can I say, I like this one - is Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, which had a backstory which only really manifested itself as part of the game's encounters. It had some cutscenes, but they were short and only at predictable times (like before a boss encounter, serving only to introduce the boss a little).

What I enjoyed about Croc was less its story, and more its gameplay. The goal of most levels was to reach the gong at the end of the level; that's it. But it was just fun going around the levels (which were often pretty dynamic), gathering bonus crystals, and finding hidden spots tucked away off the edge of a cliff. [grin]

I hope I didn't ramble too much, but my point is, I personally would like to see a Squishy with similar gameplay, and it doesn't really need a great in-game storyline to achieve that. This is all just one guy's opinion though. [wink]


Oh hey, I found a Youtube playlist with pretty much full coverage of the whole game. Check it out!

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Cheers for the comments and I will check out that link. Nice to know someone else agrees with my thinking.

Original post by Twisol
I hope I didn't ramble too much

You didn't at all, but even if you had you'd be in the right place [smile].

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