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going reasonable I suppose (hopefully a big push this weekend + a new demo out), theres little men run around picking up the jewels now.
see the 100 above their heads thats their health, Im not sure what to do with this though, as it might make the game to difficult,

@AEdmonds no idea about that viruse, I downloaded the latest virusscanner + ran it on my PC, nothing found

@Programmer16 Im surprised it even worked changing those options (theyre legacy though environment mapping should work, but u wont notice anything I suspect) theres no shadowing, for this game I dont think its worth it. F3 btw changes the camera.

yes that was a bug with the stopping bullets (fixed now) it is a PITA having the terrain loop around, the arcade game defender suffered from the same problem.
cheers about the turn around speed, Ive pulled the camera out a bit more + made it lerp a bit slower hopefully thats good enuf, if next u dont think it is Ill reassess it again.
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Okay about that virus. It's probably a problem with my firewall then. Maybe it's being a bit over zealous.

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