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Well shit.

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I sat down and came up with a couple of game ideas to get me going... started writing out one of them, the smallest in scope and quickly realised that whilst it was indeed small, it was pretty complicated in terms of the AI needed from the non-player agents. It's certainly achieveable, but as a first "win" it'd take more time. I want to see results now, damnit!

So I spun another quick idea or two whilst listening to the news. One involves spiders, t'other involves the orbits of moons around planets. I'm going with the plant idea.

Turns out that Unity3d have disabled shadows in the Indie (eg: cheap) version of the engine. Slightly narked about it but it's only a bloody shadow and it's only a bloody prototype, innit.

Also, I need an artist. My modelling skills are lacklustre. You can tell I've not done it for a decade.
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I'd say you don't need an artist for the prototype, or rather, if the idea depends on graphical quality to be fun then maybe the idea wasn't so good in the first place. On the other hand if you make a prototype that looks like crap and yet is great fun, then you've got something going.

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