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Entry #11b: on ratings

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    The answer is b.

People complain about their ratings. And they fall. But how DO people get high ratings? The answer...

They abuse the system. That's right. I myself do it.

I thought for a long while about how to raise my rating. You can't complain about it - that has proved to only backfire except in rare situations. Posting in technical forums helps, but sometimes it doesn't. So what is the key?

As I brainstormed, I thought about when I rated people up. The first and foremost reason, was that they rated me up. So I began to rate people up more often.

The second thing is to do people favors. Whether it be Salsa avatars, Acoustica stuff, or Boolean comics, favors help. For me, it was Gmail invites. Oh yeah.

And the third thing: don't piss people off. This will result in ratings-- which will counteract the ratings++

But I've found a way to crap post and get away with it... I always admit my own stupidity by closing every crap post with [/stupidity] so that people can understand that I was *trying* to be funnay. Because, honestly, I'm not.

Thankfully, no n00bs (<1100) read journals so everyone reading this now will understand what I'm talking about, and will already have some methods of their own.

[/stupidity] (I'm allowed to crap post in my own journal, dammit!)
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Recommended Comments

Your theory is correct, for the most part. The proof: right after you mentioned that part about other people rating each other up, I thought to myself, "Have I rated up Mushu?" Turns out I hadn't. You can figure out the rest.

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I read the developer journals and I'm not 1100+ plug yet :P (at the time of writing of course).

Keep up the great work. Rating++ for you ;).

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One more thoery

If you think some one is going to rate you up, rate them up before they rate you. This way their rating++ has more impact on you.

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Or rate them down before they rate you, so it won't be as much as a hit (I do this, it's evil).

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Drakkon: The problem with that is you have to be really careful. BE ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY ARE GOING TO RATE YOU DOWN. If you rate them down and they weren't going to rate you down anyway, they'll suspect you and definatly give you a rating--.

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Threes..? I posted the graph at the bottom of my journal template, so funnies.

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Actually, I stopped the [/stupidity] thing. Its just assumed now.

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