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Feeling Good

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I have nearly finished now [smile]. Well, gameplay wise anyway. Here is the list of stuff I needed to do for gameplay:

1) Have enemies flash when hit and put in a bullet 'explosion'
2) Make asteroids never stop
3) Finish LevelEnd gamestate (i.e show the number of each enemy destoyed, the points per enemy and a total score (also hit% possibly)) (EDIT: And a 'press space/enter to continue' message)
4) Finish GameOver gamestate (offer the player to restart level for a points deduction or to quit and have some sort of prompt for initials)
5) Different bullet types (EDIT: including stronger and faster bullets), loaded from a file (also missiles possibly)
6) Give the different enemies different bullets (load this from the enemy file)
7) Different levels, loaded from a file
8) Boss

Out of these I have done 1 (but I felt there was no need for a bullet explosion), 3 (without the breakdown of what enemies have been destroyed), 4 (without the offer to restart the level), 5 (without missiles), 6 and 7.

So I have made quite a few compromises [rolleyes]. The second item I should be able to add in the enemy file by having the asteroids final position offscreen. However, I will need to make sure that it isn't counted when seeing if the level is finished (currently the level is complete when all the enemies have been destroyed). I might also leave the boss out as I have very little idea how to implement it now without making a mess of the code.

So, now I just need to make levels and tweak stats for enemies, weapons etc. After I have done this I will release another demo [smile]. Just to make sure the game isn't too easy or too hard.

Then I will go about improving all the graphics and adding sounds and music (actually I'll have placeholder sounds and music for the demo so it's just a case of finding the right sounds. Also, last time I had a problem with the sound being slightly delayed by a second or two). This will probably take a very long time as my artistic ability is poor and there are a lot of things to draw [depressed].

Overall, I'm pleased I've managed to get all this done since my last post and am looking forward to releasing the game [grin].

Thanks for reading.
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Looks like its really coming along, definately beats out my shooter!

I havnt tried it yet but im definately going to when you release the next demo.
Good luck

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