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I'm Viral!

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Yikes, 30 days since my last post. I guess that's more reason for you to follow me on twitter (twitter.com/johnhattan).

Anyways, the project-that-cannot-be-named is now named. And its name is cryptotwit.com. It's a game and a website and a facebook app all rolled up in one.

Basically you go to cryptotwit.com (or http://apps.facebook.com/cryptotwit/ in facebook) and you'll be presented with a fairly twitterish "enter something" interface. Write up a cute quote or a message or whatever and press the "create a cryptotwit" button to encrypt it. It'll give you the encrypted message along with a link to the solver-game and a way to post your cryptotwit to your twitter timeline and/or facebook stream.

It's definitely one of those "it takes a lot of work to make something simple" projects. There's only one page on the site, although the page secretly has about five states that it can be in. There's lots of little javascript bits that talk to each other and make everything act the way that you think they should.

And it's written in PHP, XHTML (fully compliant, thank you very much), javascript, and ActionScript. It certainly takes a lot of languages to make something that looks like it was cranked out in a weekend :)

It's still officially in the testing phase, but since there's no concept of accounts or invitations or anything else, there's little I can do once it gets out. So if you find a bug or something, please please please lemme know.

In the meantime, here are a couple of puzzles I just posted.

a 140-character twitter-length cryptotwit

a longer and hence easier-to-solve (although harder to see) cryptotwit

And, if you don't mind. Please post a cryptotwit to facebook. I need five users before I can submit it to the app directory. Much appreciated.

edit: and I just found a funny gamedev.net bug. If you properly capitalize "javascript" (with a capital J and S), gamedev's forum parser converts it to lowercase. I presume this is a bug in their little inline source code formatter.
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One thing I found annoying (design, not a bug though): backspace/delete doesn't clear an entry you make. For example, if I assign 'X' to the crypt letter 'L' I can only change that X to other letters instead of clearing it. Which for me, makes it harder to visualize the whole board rapidly.

I'll try it on facebook shortly. I think the idea is really clever, nice.

Edit: Tried it on facebook and worked flawlessly. I dig it.

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Thanks for the comment. Actually, the space bar clears a letter. That's something I added at the last minute (as it annoyed me too). I'll document it in the help.

Got about three bugs in the to-do list. So I'll make sure that one's documented. I suppose I could also make delete and backspace work as letter-clearers. Better for people who don't read help :)

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Facebook is done. Posted it to my profile and put a comment on asking anyone who knows me to do it as well. Best of luck with this.

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